Handwritten Letters and Notes

Today I was reminded of the power of a handwritten letter or note. I always ask interviewees in the pre-interview process if they have a handwritten letter or note from a loved one of theirs who has since passed away. I can see in their eyes as they present one to me and hand it to me as if were a delicate piece of invaluable, fine crystal that it is something special to them. Part of the “signature” of our lives is our literal signature on a letter or note. During the filming I will ask them to read a favorite handwritten note from a loved one. It usually brings forth a tear of love and happiness.

This thought leads me to give some unsolicited advice. Today, better yet after you finish reading this, hand write a note or letter to someone special in your life; a parent, a spouse, son or daughter. In an era of quick and disposable, cold communication methods like email (or this blog 😦 ), a hand written note or letter is truly something rare and special. It should be kept and treated today by the recipient las if it were the fine crystal I mentioned above. Write it with that in mind, weather the note is silly or serious, it will be an heirloom a century from now.

Thanks for reading this note. It should have been handwritten!