Businesses Have LifeStories, Too!

Most of us believe that if we want to find the heart and soul, the LifeStories, of a family, all we have to do is sit around a Thanksgiving table or any other family gathering and simply listen to the stories shared by the elders. It is there that magical connections can be made to our past and, rightfully so, to who we are inside ourselves. But when the Thanksgiving meal is finished and the relatives have gone home, we run the risk of losing or, God forbid, forgetting the stories that connect us all. That’s why they must be recorded.

While we think about those of our family, we seldom think about the stories of the businesses we work within on a daily basis. How can the heart and soul of a business or non-profit organization be passed down to “future generations”, to potential and current clients and employees? It’s not as easy as it might be for families, but it is possible.

Simon Sinekstart-with-why

At LifeStories Alive, we always start with “why”. Utilizing the wisdom of Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, businesses should record the answers to the question, “Why do we do what we do?” When a good interviewer is recording the answers from the founders, long-time employees and early customers of a business, that “why” can be presented in a way that magically reveals the heart and soul of a business. Those magical connections that happen with family LifeStories can now happen for a business.

Here is a sample of how an incredible organization, Special Olympics Texas, told their LifeStories, found their “why” and, in the process, relit the flame of how they positively effect the lives of thousands of families in Texas each year:

If you’d like help to record your LifeStories, to find your “why” or just kick around ideas that connect you to your business family, or the one you were born with, please give me a call.

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