Want to Spice Up That RFP (Request For Proposal)?

If you want to separate yourself from your competition with the next RFP (Request For Proposal) you submit, think about what my client, Wayne Gonzalez of Gonzalez Office Products http://www.rwgop.com, did. Here is a kind endorsement and story of Wayne’s success:


“The impact Mike and LifeStories Alive has had on my business and continues to have on my company is huge. With little or no advance notice Mike and his team helped us separate our company from many that were responding to an RFP. He knew video was the only way to show the decision makers the true DNA of my company. Not only did he have a short time to prepare he had very little knowledge about what we were trying to achieve with our proposal.

Mike jumped right in. He spent time in our office asking the RIGHT questions, and immediately was able to see where video could help separate us from the competition. . Something we had not even thought about due to our focus on the RFP. Once Mike had compiled the questions and his video team, he was ready to shoot the video. Now please understand we have never done this before and had no idea what to do.  We had only 4 days to do the shoot edit and produce and marry that with the RFP.

Immediately after the shoot, Mike again went into warp speed to produce what we needed and still make it to the bid opening on time. He continuously keep us in the loop as to how it was going and his calm demeanor and professionalism made us able to concentrate on our end of the RFP.

Not only did Mike Make it happen just as he said it would we were awarded the RFP.  It was the video and his professional team that separated our company from the competition and showed where we are better than our competition. I have been in business a long time and have never seen the impact that an expertly done video can show. We still use the video and plan to use Mike again in the future. In today’s business world finding honest dependable experts to help grow your business are one in a million. That is what Mike O’Krent is. If you are not using his expertise your competition will be. Thank you Mike you are truly special.”

Wayne Gonzalez

Gonzalez Office Products

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