A Father’s Day Note to his Son and Daughter

My father died in 1997 at the age of sixty-three. So when Father’s Day rolls around, as it will very soon, what am I to do? I will remember my father. But there is more to do than that. I am blessed with two wonderful children (the photo below as taken a couple of years ago, but is still a favorite). For this Father’s Day, I want to share my note to my children.

To my dear children,

As the years roll by since my father’s death, I focus more and more on what it means to be a good Dad for the two of you. Please know that I try as much as possible to do what I can do and say what I can say to earn the designation of “a good Dad”. I find myself, at times, a bit nervous and anxious about doing the best things and saying the appropriate words to you. I ask that when I do screw up, embarrassing you and myself in the process, please forgive me.

Sometimes I feel that it’s a father’s right to say and do what he wants to his children in order to teach them those things that should be taught. And when that happens, I can, at times, come up with some incredibly stupid and dorky things. But I know that the intent is to see you grow into people who can be proud of themselves; people who make their community and the world a better place because they were in it. So please smile when I say those things. Show me in your eyes that you know what I am trying to say. And when I say the right things…you know, those things that make you feel good or those things you know you needed to hear…tell me how you feel at those times as well!

Please know also, that when I am feeling down and question if what I am doing and have done in life is good, all I have to do is look at the two of you. Then I know, by looking at you and the incredible people that you have become and continue to blossom into, that I have done the best thing in life…I feel that I have become “a good Dad”.

I am very proud of you. I love you both,