Is a Sense of Humor Part of Your LifeStory?

Last Tuesday I interviewed a 91-year-old lady named Joy for her LifeStory. I realized during the pre-interview process that she had a good sense of humor. I did not, however, know if or how it would surface during the filming. I am happy to say that it was definitely there! Early in the interview, seemingly in mid-sentence, she told a joke…and it was a good one. From time to time during the rest of her sharing the stories of 91 years of life, she would giggle, give me “the look” with a grin attached, and make me laugh out loud. A sense of humor has been a part of her life from way back.

Is a sense of humor part of your LifeStory? If it is, how do you show it? I believe that all of our stories should not only be captured and preserved, but also shared. Joy shared how her mother made her laugh at an early age. She saw how it delighted the people around her growing up. So, quite naturally, she has kept the tradition going.

If your sense of humor is worth sharing, then how many times this week have you shared it?  If you can’t remember, then make it a point to share it within the next twelve hours. Pick up the phone, send an email, or, better yet, meet with someone and make them smile. This is a good reason to re-connect with a long-lost friend who you haven’t touched base with for a long time. We typically don’t know what to say after all those years. So start with a funny memory you shared together. You will see the years since your last conversation magically drift away. You will find yourself back where you left off so long ago. You will also feel good. And when you do, thank a 91-year-old lady who is appropriately named “Joy.”

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