Who Do You Admire?

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a luncheon. The speaker was a man I consider a friend in the business community. I had interviewed him for his LifeStory four years ago, so I knew the story…but this was different. In the format of giving a speech, he was quite impressive. As he was speaking, I thought to myself, “I really admire Bill.”

What made Bill different on this day, at this time? I think it was the way he communicated with the entire audience. As he spoke, the energy in the room was palpable. He mixed humor in with his incredible life story. My admiration grew as I realized that he has gone through many things in his life that were tragic, yet survived them only to emerge a better man. From losing both parents an hour apart at a young age (twenty-three), to discovering and dealing with his alcoholism, to becoming a well-respected, high-ranking employee of a Fortune 500 company, to being transformed into one of the most giving, philanthropic people I know, Bill’s story brought perspective to my life in a way I hadn’t felt before.

So I ask you now, “Who do you admire?” I’d like to know. And more importantly, I’d like to know why!