A Great Way to Start the Week

I woke this morning to read an email sent by an interviewee. Here it is (the names are left out to protect privacy):

“Tonight (my spouse) and I sat down and looked at the DVD’s of our story.
First, I wish to thank you for taking my very strong statement about my father out of the program. It is still hard for me to get a grip on my feelings regarding him while watching the story.
I want to close by saying we laughed and cried as we watched ourselves tell the stories as we saw our role in the family. We both learned things from watching each other, things, we really just passed over during our 52 years of married life. 
Thank you for doing a great job.”

I share this not to toot my own horn, but to remind you that one of the wonderful results of recording your LifeStories is what you might discover after it is done; things that you “really just passed over during our (xx) years of married life”, for instance.

I hope your week has started as great as mine has.