Handwritten Letters and Notes

Today I was reminded of the power of a handwritten letter or note. I always ask interviewees in the pre-interview process if they have a handwritten letter or note from a loved one of theirs who has since passed away. I can see in their eyes as they present one to me and hand it to me as if were a delicate piece of invaluable, fine crystal that it is something special to them. Part of the “signature” of our lives is our literal signature on a letter or note. During the filming I will ask them to read a favorite handwritten note from a loved one. It usually brings forth a tear of love and happiness.

This thought leads me to give some unsolicited advice. Today, better yet after you finish reading this, hand write a note or letter to someone special in your life; a parent, a spouse, son or daughter. In an era of quick and disposable, cold communication methods like email (or this blog 😦 ), a hand written note or letter is truly something rare and special. It should be kept and treated today by the recipient las if it were the fine crystal I mentioned above. Write it with that in mind, weather the note is silly or serious, it will be an heirloom a century from now.

Thanks for reading this note. It should have been handwritten!


Stories of a life’s passion

As I begin this new blog, I am reminded of what a joy it is to be involved in a mission, a life’s work, that will mean so much to future generations. A couple of wonderful things happened today that I must share.

The first is something that’s happened numerous times since I started LifeStories Alive almost three years ago; I completed a Pre-Interview Questionnaire (PIQ) with a new interviewee. I was quickly reminded of the fun and joy it is to begin the journey of capturing and preserving someone’s LifeStory. The interviewee is a 77-year-old retired attorney. Just when I think these PIQs are routine, I noticed the huge smile over this man’s face as I asked each fill in the blank fact. He was walking down memory lane with such joy … and the actual interview is still a few weeks away! I know this one will be a special LifeStory.

The second thing that happened is a meeting with someone I am blessed to be associated with. Rob is the second person of the team of three who are taking LifeStories Alive’s mission to an exciting new level. Working with Rob has been a great learning experience for me. He brings to our mission not only a technological expertise that is an integral to accomplishing our mission, but also brings a mature, open-minded manner that believes in “out of the box” thinking as well as compromise in order to achieve the greater good. This meeting started with a road block that I felt would be difficult to maneuver around, but ended up with both of us excited about having not gone around it, but through it toward the next step.

Today’s experiences remind me how wonderful it is to be working in a field I am passionate about, and with people who’s stories only add to that growing passion.